Beginning Teacher of the Year

WCPS Announces Beginning Teacher of the Year
This is the image for the news article titled WCPS Announces Beginning Teacher of the YearThe Wayne County Public Schools (WCPS) Human Resources Department is excited to announce Spring Creek Elementary ESL teacher, Cody Scrufari, as this year’s Beginning Teacher of the Year.

“As an ESL teacher, he [Mr. Scrufari] finds it extremely important to build a rapport with his students because it lets him learn more about them and keeps them motivated to perform at their best,” stated Jenna McIntosh, WCPS Beginning Teacher Coordinator. “His site-based mentors say he has dedicated himself to differentiating instruction to meet the needs of his students.”

This is Mr. Scrufari’s first year with WCPS. He spent his first two years of his teaching career with Duplin County Schools. Mr. Scrufari holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish education from the University of North Carolina - Wilmington, is currently completing a graduate degree at Liberty University, and is a member of the last class of the North Carolina Teaching Fellows program.

The Beginning Teacher of the Year announcement was made during the 2016-2017 Beginning Teacher Program Completion Ceremony. The event began with the recognition of more than eighty teachers who were recognized with a special pin for completing the district’s 3-Year Beginning Teacher Program.

“These 84 Beginning Teachers are ending their journey of novice teaching and beginning a new chapter; one that is forward thinking, innovative, and rooted in reflection,” stated Dr. Yvette Smith Mason, WCPS Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources. “We are grateful that these teachers have chosen to start their career with us here in Wayne County and look forward to working with them in a new capacity, as they become accomplished educators and move through their career continuum.”

The following is a complete list of teachers who completed the Beginning Teacher Program:

Nichole Baker, Mary Hare, Karen Peele, Rachel Bandi, Rebeccah Harris, Darlene Pelletier, Cayla Barwick, Connie Henn, April Pfieffer, Harold Best, Brittney Hill, Douglas Poole, Emily Bolar, Tara Hines,Caitlan Pye-Lee, Whitnie Brown, Katherine Hobbs, Marah Radford, Erin Buskey, Deveda Holmes-Jones, Gerald Reedy, Wendy Carroll, Kechia Howell, Nicolle Robbins, Ashley Cashwell,Curtis Inman, Alex Rodriguez, Adam Clark, Sandra Johnson, Elvia Rodriguez, Travis Cummings, Jamie Jones, Cody Rose, Jon Daniel, Timothy Kennedy, Sonia Rouse, Jessica Davis, Breanna Kreckel,George Schantz, Jr., David Davis, Victoria Marcheski, Cody Scrufari, Marney Dillehay, Corey Martin, Troy Smothers, Melissa Earp, James Matthews, Tori Spell,Brianna Edgerton, Rachel Mays, Alyssa Spence, Jennifer Edwards, Toni McCance, Frank Stauffer, Jennifer F. Edwards, Hannah Moore, Denise Tilden,Holly Egan, Makenzie Mordaunt, Lynda Walker, Aaryn Fazakerly, Brenda M. Evans, Erin Warren, Callie Fine, Miriam Mott, Stephanie Washburn, Kristan Gapusan,Stephen Mundy, Lorena Weeks, Kimber Graham, Brittany Murray, Kristina Wellington-Boseman, Taylor Gray, Jill Oaks, Starr Whitmore, Adrienne Greene, April Orander, Wendy Williams, Anna Gurganus, Joseph Otellio, Katelyn Woodard, Anna Hajjar, Keith Owings, and Nicholas Worrell.

The nominees for the 2016-2017 Beginning Teacher of the Year program are:

Marney Dillehay (Brogden Middle), Toni McCance (Brogden Primary), Rachel Bandi (Carver Elementary), Deveda Jones (Carver Heights Elementary), Joseph Otellio (Charles B. Aycock High), Erin Warren (Charles B. Aycock High), Sandra Johnson (Dillard Middle School), Holly Egan (Eastern Wayne Elementary), Nicolle Robbins (Eastern Wayne Middle), Wendy Williams (Eastern Wayne Middle), Brenda M. Evans (Edgewood Community Developmental School), Adam Clark (Goldsboro High), Jennifer F. Edwards (Goldsboro High), Tara Hines (Grantham Elementary), Connie Henn (Grantham Middle), Stephanie Washburn (Grantham Middle), Emily Bolar (North Drive Elementary), Jennifer Edwards (Northeast Elementary), Brittany Murray (Northwest Elementary), Marah Radford (Norwayne Middle), Denise Tilden (Rosewood Elementary), Ashley Cashwell (Southern Wayne High), Cody Rose (Southern Wayne High), Cody Scrufari (Spring Creek Elementary), Mary Hare (Spring Creek High), Troy Smothers (Spring Creek High), Karen Peele (Spring Creek Middle), Erin Buskey (Tommy’s Road Elementary), and Katherine Hobbs (Wayne School of Engineering).

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